Understanding the New Google Sheets

In Google Sheets new features have been introduced to make the spreadsheet program stronger. Learn all about them here.

Understanding the new Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an update and rebranding of what used to be called Google Spreadsheets, Google Drive's online spreadsheet app. It includes several new features that will make it easier to create spreadsheets and to share and edit them in Google Drive. We'd like to offer you a brief overview of Google Sheets, as well as answer some of the questions you may have about it.

What's new in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is similar to Google Spreadsheets; however, it does have some exciting new features. Here are a few of the most useful and important:

In addition to adding new features, Google is retiring some old features as Google Spreadsheets becomes Google Sheets. You can see a complete list of functions that are being retired here.

How can I switch to Google Sheets?

Any spreadsheets you've created since March 2014 are already in the new Google Sheets format. To convert an older spreadsheet to the new format, follow the instructions on this page.

How can I tell if my spreadsheet is in the new format or the old one?

The new format actually looks similar to the old one. The easiest way to tell which one your spreadsheet is in is to check for the Decrease decimal places and Increase decimal places buttons above the spreadsheet. If you see them, you'll know your spreadsheet is in the new format. Otherwise, it's in the old one.

decrease and increase decimal place buttons

Can I still create spreadsheets in the old format?

For now, you can create spreadsheets in the old format here. In fall 2014, Google began converting all spreadsheets to the new format, although it may take a year or longer for all spreadsheets to be converted. We recommend using the new format for any new spreadsheets you create to avoid any unexpected changes during the transition.

Can I use Google Sheets on my mobile device?

Yes. In fact, Google Sheets has its own app, which can be downloaded from Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS devices). You can also continue to access Google Sheets through the Google Drive app or your device's browser.

For more information on Google Sheets, watch the following video from Google.