Exploring Instagram

Just getting started with Instagram? Learn all about exploring Instagram in this free lesson.

Exploring Instagram

There are tons of beautiful and interesting photos to discover on Instagram, and there are many different ways to find them!

Using the Explore tab

If you want to see all of the different types of posts that are shared on Instagram, you can go to the Explore tab. Here, you'll find recent and popular posts from different Instagram users.

Browsing for photos on the Explore tab #howto #instagram
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Following people on Instagram

Whenever you see a photo you like, you can choose to follow the user who created it. Whenever that user posts a new photo, it will appear in the feed on your Home screen. To follow a user, select a user name, then choose Follow.

Following another Instagram user #howto #instagram

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Browsing by hashtag

A hashtag is any word in a Instagram's caption that's preceeded by a pound sign (#). For example, we've added hashtags like #howto #instagram to a lot of our posts. Whenever you see a hashtag, you can tap it to see other posts with the same hashtag.

Browsing by hashtag #howto #instagram

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Searching Instagram

If you're looking for a specific Instagram user or hashtag, you can search for it. Just go to the Explore tab and type what you're looking for in the search box.

Searching for another Instagram user #howto #instagram

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