Sharing Photos on Instagram

People who use Instagram share their photos all the time. Learn the steps necessary to share your photos in this free lesson.

Sharing photos on Instagram

Instagram makes it easy to create and share great-looking photos with your smartphone. To take a photo, tap the Camera button, then tap the Shutter button.

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Applying a filter

After you've taken a photo, you can apply a filter to give it a more interesting look and feel. A series of filters will appear after you take a photo. Simply tap a filter to apply it.

Note that not all filters will look good with every photo, so we recommend trying out several filters until you find one you like. And remember, filters are optional—if you're happy with the original picture, you aren't required to add a filter.

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If you want to compare the original with the applied filter, tap the photo.

Sharing the photo

When you're done, tap Next. You can then add a caption, choose to share with other social networks, and more (we'll talk about these options in detail in the next lesson). When you're ready, tap Share to post the photo.

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