Browsing the Web

The Internet Explorer 11 web browser is among the world's most popular browsers. Learn how to browse the web with it here.

Browsing history

Like all browsers, Internet Explorer saves your browsing history, which includes details and cookies from the websites you visit. You can search your history to find a previously viewed page or delete your history for the sake of privacy.

To view your browsing history:

  1. Click the star in the top-right corner of the browser.
    screenshot of Internet Explorer 11
  2. The Favorites bar will appear on the right side of the browser window. Click the History tab. A list of date ranges will appear.
  3. To view the sites you visited at a given time, click the desired date range. A list of sites will appear. To navigate to a site, just click the link.
    screenshot of Internet Explorer 11

To search your history:

  1. If you can't remember the exact name or address of a website you've visited before, you can search your browsing history. Click the drop-down menu at the top of the History tab, then select Search history.
  2. A search bar will appear. Type a search term or website name, then click Search now.
  3. A list of results will appear. Just click a link to navigate to any of the websites on the list.

Review our lesson on Security and Privacy to learn how to delete your browsing history.