Security and Privacy

In Internet Explorer 8 security is essential. With Internet Explorer 8 privacy is important too. Learn how to manage them here.

Content control options

Internet Explorer 8 has a few options for controlling content, including the ability to block certain websites and set parental controls. You can access the Content Advisor to adjust these settings.

Access Content Advisor Accessing the Content Advisor


In the Content Advisor, Internet Explorer 8 allows you to control content through the ICRA (Internet Content Ratings Association) ratings system provided by the Family Online Safety Institute. If you have children, you may want to explore this feature. If you use this feature, you can create a password that will be required to access blocked pages.

Set Ratings Set Content Ratings

There is not a lot of information about the effectiveness of this feature. It should also be noted that participating websites rate their own content.

Blocking content manually

You may choose to allow or block specific sites from being viewed through the Content Advisor.

Content Advisor Options Content Advisor Options

Accessing Parental Controls

If you have set up Parental Controls in Windows 7 with filtering software, you can access that software and adjust its settings from the Content Advisor.

Access Parental Controls Access Parental Controls