Mobile Device Safety

In this Mobile Device Safety lesson, learn all about mobile device security to keep you and your kids safe online.


Adding a location to a Facebook postAdding a location to a Facebook post

Many mobile apps use a feature called geolocation to share your location with others. For example, if you post something using the Facebook mobile app, you can choose to add your location to your post. You can also do this with Foursquare, Twitter, and other apps. Although kids enjoy telling their friends where they are, it may be possible for criminals to use this information to learn about your child's whereabouts.

If you're uncomfortable having your child's location shared, you can turn off location-based services for some or all apps. Keep in mind that some apps (such as maps and directions apps) need to use location-based services, although they are not posting your location where others can see it.

Wi-Fi hotspots

With a mobile device or laptop, you can often connect to the Internet for free when you're at restaurants, stores, parks, and other places. These places are known as Wi-Fi hotspots. Hotspots can be useful, but they are also less secure than your home Internet connection. If your kids are using mobile devices, you'll need to make sure they know how to use Wi-Fi hotspots safely. Let's take a look at some of the most important things to know:

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