Following Up After an Interview

Following up after an interview is extremely important. Learn how to write an interview follow up email or interview follow up letter here.

Evaluate the job offer

If you get a job offer, how should you respond? You may want to accept the job immediately if you feel that the employer is offering you a fair wage. You also may want to take some time and think it over, especially if you have other opportunities to weigh. Either way, express your enthusiasm and ask to take some time to consider the offer.

The only way to know if an offer is fair is to compare the offer to the regional average and evaluate the offer against your personal and financial considerations.

To compare the offer against the regional average:

Use's Salary Wizard (seen below) to find out how your offer stacks up against the average. Answer a few questions to get a free report that graphs your salary compared with the regional average.

To evaluate your job offer against your financial considerations, answer the following questions:

Personal factors to think about when evaluating a job offer: