Following Up After an Interview

Following up after an interview is extremely important. Learn how to write an interview follow up email or interview follow up letter here.

Accept or decline the offer

After you have evaluated the offer, it's time to either take the job or turn it down. Both should be done politely and in writing. Today, it is common to respond to job offers via email, although regular mail may also be acceptable.

To accept the offer:

Review our example to see what a good acceptance letter should look like. To download and print a copy of your own, click the image below.

Acceptance LetterClick to open full size document in new window

If you decide to decline an offer:

Call the person who interviewed you to discuss your decision. Then follow up with a letter—like the sample seen below—that thanks the interviewer for the offer and explains why you have decided to decline. Remember to keep the tone of your correspondence professional and courteous.

Letter Rejecting Job Offer

If you're sending an acceptance or declining letter via email, you don't need to include the date, return address, or mailing address at the top of the page. Just include your own address and other contact information—such as your email or phone number—below your name in the signature area.