Using the Phone App

Get more information on using the iPhone Phone app in this free lesson.


Almost all cellular service plans include basic voicemail, which allows callers to leave you a voice message. Most iPhones also include Visual Voicemail, a feature that allows you to view and manage your voicemail messages in a simple list. The Phone app makes it easy to create an outgoing greeting and manage your messages.

To set up visual voicemail:

  1. If your voicemail is not already set up, tap the Phone icon on the Home screen, tap Voicemail, then select Set Up Now.
    Screenshot of iPhone display
  2. Use the keypad to enter a four-digit voicemail password. (You'll need to enter it twice to confirm.)
    Screenshot of iPhone display
  3. Next, you'll need to choose an outgoing greeting. By default, the Default greeting is selected. To personalize your greeting, tap Custom.
    Screenshot of iPhone display
  4. Tap Record to begin recording your greeting. When you're done, press Stop, then tap Play to preview your message. You can press Record again to record a new greeting.
  5. When you're satisfied with the greeting message, tap Save.
    Screenshot of iPhone display

To listen to a voicemail:

  1. Tap the Phone icon on the Home screen, then tap Voicemail.
  2. Tap a message to listen to it.
  3. Tap the Play button to listen to the selected message again. You can also tap Call Back or Delete.
    Screenshot of iPhone display