Gathering Your Personal Information

Before filling out a job application personal information should be gathered. Learn what you need to prepare for in this free lesson.

Tips for locating information

Most people can't remember details about their former employers (for example, exact address), particularly if it was more than a few years ago. Even if you have all of your information in order, you might want to take this opportunity to double-check it for accuracy. For help with locating and checking your information, try the strategies below.

  • The Internet
    Use your Internet skills to locate former employers online. Find information such as names, phone numbers, job titles, and the company's mailing address.
  • Former employer
    If you left your job on good terms, consider contacting your former employer to get the full name or phone number of your supervisor. If that person is no longer employed there, you can list the company's main line on your application (or the number for human resources). We'll discuss obtaining references from former employers in Lesson 2 of this tutorial, Obtaining References.
  • Former coworker
    If you do contact a former coworker, make sure the information this person is giving you is current and accurate.
  • Old resume
    Old resumes are a great resource for information, particularly regarding dates of employment. If you have an electronic copy saved to your computer, even better!
  • Old pay stub
    Old pay stubs may include how much money you made, the company's address, and dates of employment.
  • Phone book
    If you still can't find the information you need, the phone book is a great resource for locating addresses, phone numbers, and correct spellings.