Find a Job Online

Wondering how to find a job online? Use these tips for finding a job online so you can search effectively.


Over the past several years, the Internet has become an essential part of any job search. But with so many resources available online, it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to use them effectively.

In this module, you'll learn how to use job search engines and job alerts to find different opportunities. We'll also talk about how to respond to an online job posting and how to stay safe when searching for a position.

Watch the video below to learn some tips for conducting an online job search.

Conducting an effective online job search

Searching Online for a Job

The Internet has made it easier than ever to discover new opportunities. There are hundreds of websites that allow you to search for job postings and upload your resume, such as Monster and CareerBuilder.

While these sites have dramatically changed the way we look for jobs, they cannot be used in isolation. Online job searching is most useful when combined with other job search methods, such as networking and direct contact with employers. As a result, you will need to make the most of the time you spend searching online. Review the techniques below to learn how to conduct an effective online job search.

Using job search engines and job alerts

Rather than search through various websites, you can use a job search engine such as Indeed or SimplyHired. Job search engines collect job listings from hundreds of websites so you can view them in a single place.

As with any search engine, the key is to optimize the amount of relevant results you obtain, so you may have to experiment with search terms and refinements. Indeed's Job Search Tips has great advice about how to get started.

You can also save time by creating a job alert. A job alert is a summary of new job postings from a specific search that is sent to your email. Receiving only a few job listings each day will allow you to stay current with the latest opportunities without having to sort through a long list of search results.

Watch these videos from Indeed to learn more about different techniques that can improve your search results on

Navigate to

  • Conduct a search for a job in your area that you'd like to apply for.
  • Try modifying your search terms. Do you notice a difference in the results?
  • Create a job alert to stay up to date about the latest job postings.

Additional job search sites

While job search engines are one of the easiest ways to find a variety of job postings, you may also want take advantage of more specific websites, depending on your needs.

Posting your resume online

an image of an online resume

Some sites allow you to post your resume online. When employers need to fill a job opening, they can search through online resumes to find a candidate that fits their needs. This can increase your chances of finding a job because employers will have the ability to search for you. Some sites will also use the information in your resume to automatically send you relevant job postings.

There are some potential downsides to posting your resume online. For example, you risk exposing yourself to unwanted contact, spam, and privacy concerns. Check out our lesson on Preparing Your Resume for the Internet to learn more about posting your resume safely.

If you are job hunting and currently employed, you may want to avoid posting your resume. If your employer finds your resume, it could possibly lead to termination. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to post your resume online.

Responding to an online job posting

Once you've found a job that you'd like to apply for, it's important to take the right approach when responding to the job posting. Your response will directly affect the employer's decision to contact you for an interview. Here are some things you can do to improve an online job application:

Staying safe online

Always remember to exercise your best judgement online, especially when looking for a job. The Internet is a powerful resource for finding new opportunities, but not every job posting you'll find is genuine. Many of these fake postings are actually an attempt to steal money and sensitive information from job seekers. The following tips can help you guard your privacy and avoid potential scams during your job search.

Protecting your identity and avoiding scams

Check out our tutorial on Internet Safety or go to OnGuardOnline for more information about staying safe online.