Job Hunt with Social Media

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Other social media sites

Social media is much more than just Twitter and Facebook. Learn more below about how you might use other social media platforms to connect with employers. If you find that you like using several different platforms, you may want to use an app like TweetDeck or HootSuite to manage your time. These apps allow you to schedule posts across multiple social networks, which can save you time and effort.


Meetup is an increasingly popular social networking website that connects people with similar interests and helps them organize local meetings offline. While Meetup was originally created for personal networking, more people are beginning to use to the site for professional networking.

Try joining a group in your area to meet other professionals working in your field. You can also visit Meetup's Job Seekers page, which finds Meetup groups that focus exclusively on connecting employers and job seekers.

Screenshot of MeetupThe Meetup Job Seekers page

YouTube and video sharing

Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo allow you to connect with potential employers like never before. You can upload a video resume, which is a short, personal introduction that gives you an opportunity to showcase your skills, talents, and personality for an employer. You might even consider creating your own YouTube Channel to share your portfolio.

Visit Mashable's Top 5 Tips for Creating Impressive Video Resumes, or check our YouTube tutorial to get started.

screenshot of youtubeA video resume on YouTube


Another great way to connect with potential employers is to create your own blog. You'll be able to share your opinions, start discussions with other people in your field, demonstrate your knowledge, and establish yourself as an expert. Visit a blog service like Blogger or WordPress, and check out our Blog Basics tutorial to get started.

screenshot of wordpressA blog created with WordPress


While Pinterest might not have a reputation for professional networking, more people are using the site to connect with potential employers and share their personal portfolio with Pinterest's growing audience. Some have also used Pinterest to develop a brand identity by pinning items that are related to their businesses. For example, a hobby store might create a pinboard of interesting craft projects.

Try following pins from some of your favorite companies or creating a pinboard of your own projects. You might also check out Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search? from Mashable to learn more about using Pinterest for job hunting.

Screenshot of PinterestCreating a brand identity on Pinterest


Although Google+ remains less popular than other social networks, it does have one distinct advantage for job seekers: Google+ makes it easy to choose who you share with, whether you're posting an update or uploading a photo. By grouping your contacts into different circles—such as friends, family, acquaintances, or professional connections—you'll be able to keep your personal and professional networks separate.

Screenshot of Google PlusSharing with specific circles on Google+