Job Search Savvy

If you're wondering how to job search or it's been a while since you had to look for a job, this free lesson can help.

Varying your approach

There is no single path to finding a new job. Relying on just one approach as you begin your job search will limit the kind of opportunities you can discover, so you will need to use several different search methods.

For example, many people believe that job hunting is simply a process of finding and responding to job postings. And while it's becoming easier than ever to search for jobs online, it is commonly estimated that as much as 80 percent of available positions are never even advertised. Networking with different people can allow you to find opportunities in this hidden job market.

The way you conduct your job search, such as the job boards you visit, how you network, and where you go to uncover opportunities, will largely depend on your needs. It's important to vary your methods in order to be as effective as possible.

Review the scenario below to learn about the importance of varying your job search methods.

Using different search strategies: Ruth

After graduating from a two-year training program, Ruth began searching for a new position as a medical sonographer. She applied to several online job postings that sounded promising, but when she didn't hear anything about her applications, it was difficult not to become a little frustrated.

Rather than give up on her job search, Ruth decided to refocus and diversify her search strategies. She found a retail job at a store nearby, so that she could bring in money while searching for the job she had trained for. While working, she began volunteering for a few hours each week at a local free clinic to build experience and meet people working in the field. She started to build a network with other people in the medical community, reaching out to her old classmates and new friends she met at the clinic. And while she still kept a careful watch on several online job boards, Ruth also worked to make direct contact with offices that were hiring, often by delivering her resume in person.

After several months of hard work, a friend at the clinic told her about a job opening at a small practice across town. She stopped by the office to introduce herself, which impressed its staff. Based on the strength of her friend's recommendation and her volunteer experience at the clinic, the office was only too happy to offer Ruth a full-time position. By varying her methods and using a variety of job search strategies, Ruth's efforts finally paid off.

Using different methods

As we have seen with Ruth, it's important to use a variety of techniques when searching for a job. While the Internet can be a very valuable tool for finding job postings, you should also dedicate just as much time to making connections offline and following opportunities as they arise.