Networking Basics

In this networking basics lesson, learn how to network with the right people to increase your chances of job success.

Build relationships

How you conclude your first meeting with a new contact is vital to building an effective relationship. Even if your encounter is brief, make sure you leave it with a request to keep in touch, either by meeting again in person or connecting online through email or social media.

Remember, networking is a long-term investment that requires time and persistence. Most of the connections you make will not have anything to offer you initially. By politely following up with your contacts, you'll be able to develop a relationship over time. The stronger your relationships, the more likely it is that your connections will think of you when opportunities arise.

We'll talk more about online networking in our module, Job Hunt with Social Media.

Networking resources

Take some time to reflect on the following questions as you begin building your network:

  • Who is in your current network?
  • How can you expand your network? Can you join social or professional organizations for networking?
  • How will you introduce yourself to new people? What is your elevator pitch?
  • What can you offer new connections to build a mutually beneficial relationship?
  • What tools will you use to keep up with your connections?