Personal Branding 101

Use this free lesson to understand personal branding and what it means to have an online persona, especially with a job search.

Maintaining your brand

Once you've established your brand, you'll need to keep working to project a strong and consistent brand identity. Remember that actions speak louder than words—be sure to follow through on the promises associated with your brand. For example, if you brand yourself as a hard-working and reliable person, coming in late or neglecting your work doesn't help to reinforce your brand image.

Your brand will need to be flexible as you move between various positions and career paths, so don't be afraid to make changes to your brand as needed. Even if you've accomplished an initial goal, such as finding a new job, it's important to assess your brand from time to time. Some parts of your brand that were once relevant may need to be updated; refreshing your brand identity can help you build new relationships and advance your career.

Additional resources

Download our Personal Branding Worksheet (Word Document Word icon or PDF PDF icon or Google Documentgoogle document icon) to help you develop your personal brand.

  • Navigate to one of the resources above for additional guidance in creating your brand.
  • Try answering the questions in the worksheet to begin determining your own personal brand.