Avoid Five Common Work-Related Pitfalls

If you're struggling with succeeding at work, use these strategies to avoid any business and social work pitfalls you may encounter.

Productivity pitfall: Procrastination

The project is due tomorrow. You've had two weeks to complete it, yet you've waited until the last minute—again. Now, you're faced with spending the next several hours working late into the night.

Whether out of anxiety or lack of time, we've all put off doing something that needed to be done. But in the workplace, procrastination can really get you in trouble. You may never know when your manager or supervisor will drop by your desk to check your progress on a particular project.

Signs you may be prone to procrastination:

  • You often find yourself putting tasks off.
  • You work on more minor tasks to avoid working on the ones that are higher priority.
  • You consistently underestimate the time it will take to complete things, so that you are left scrambling at the last minute.

To stop procrastinating at work:

  • Create a to-do list and stick to it.
  • Complete unpleasant tasks first.
  • Decide which project-related tasks you can accomplish in the short-term, and set a deadline for them.
  • Decide which project-related tasks you can accomplish in the long-term, and set a later deadline for them.