Avoid Five Common Work-Related Pitfalls

If you're struggling with succeeding at work, use these strategies to avoid any business and social work pitfalls you may encounter.

Productivity pitfall: Distraction

You arrive at work early in order to meet a deadline. Your coworker stops by your desk to chat, and before you realize it 40 minutes have passed and your deadline is fast approaching.

Distractions such as chatting with coworkers and surfing the Web for pleasure waste a lot of time at work. If you're not focusing on what you're doing, it's also more likely that you'll make mistakes or miss important information at meetings. Employers may see your distractability as lack of commitment to the job.

Signs you might be prone to distraction at work:

  • You email and surf the Web instead of working when you're on a computer.
  • You get distracted by noise while working.
  • You socialize when you should be working.

To keep focused at work:

  • Limit your trips to the break room.
  • When others distract you, chat for a few moments, then politely tell them you are trying to meet a tight deadline.
  • Avoid surfing the Web for pleasure while working.
  • Create a to-do list and stick to it.