Avoid Five Common Work-Related Pitfalls

If you're struggling with succeeding at work, use these strategies to avoid any business and social work pitfalls you may encounter.

Productivity pitfall: Boredom

You have been steadily working on the same task for hours. You are bored, so you decide to call a friend on the company phone to chat.

Most people like to feel that they are contributing something to their work environment. Feeling bored and unproductive at work can lead to job dissatisfaction. Worse, if boredom leads you to act unprofessionally or avoid your assigned tasks, you could be fired.

Signs you may be frequently bored at work:

  • You often daydream at work.
  • You often find yourself counting the minutes until you can go home.
  • You socialize or do nothing when you've finished a task, instead of finding something else to do.

To address boredom at work:

  • If you truly have a lack of things to do, ask your supervisor to give you some projects.
  • Be proactive. Seek out projects. Your manager or supervisor will appreciate it.
  • Talk to coworkers about what they do. See if you can help or collaborate with them in some way when you have some downtime.