Avoid Five Common Work-Related Pitfalls

If you're struggling with succeeding at work, use these strategies to avoid any business and social work pitfalls you may encounter.

Productivity pitfall: Displaying hostility

Your coworker was supposed to prepare a report for your joint presentation on Monday. As usual, he arrives at work on Monday 15 minutes late, and without the finished report. Fuming, you yell at him in front of your team members and supervisor.

There may be cases where you have a legitimate problem with a coworker, customer, or boss, but acting openly hostile at work is unprofessional and can get you into trouble. It is also counterproductive, since your supervisor will be less likely to pay attention to your concerns after witnessing an outburst.

Signs you may be displaying hostility at work:

  • You often badmouth your employer.
  • You frequently speak rudely to customers.
  • You often speak angrily to your boss or coworkers

To avoid hostile behavior at work:

  • If you are angry about something at work, make an appointment to discuss matters privately with your supervisor.
  • Practice voicing frustration or anger quietly and productively. Tell the person you're speaking to what the problem is and what he/she can do to fix it.
  • If you encounter anger or frustration in others, take a deep breath and calmly ask them what you can do to remedy the situation. Don't raise your voice. Call your supervisor if necessary.