Increase Your Job Success

In this free lesson, you will learn some job success factors and the job success strategies you need to succeed in the marketplace.

Who is the more successful employee?

After reading about steps you can take to increase your chances of workplace success, determine who is the more successful employee:


  • Works for a mid-sized corporation as a departmental secretary to five team members and a departmental supervisor
  • Types 65 words per minute
  • Has excellent computer skills
  • Rarely asks anyone for help
  • Is prompt and efficient on the telephone
  • Is occasionally abrupt and rude when taking messages
  • Has several complaints in her file from coworkers and customers
  • Is rarely friendly
  • Complains frequently about her job
  • Is reluctant to learn new skills


  • Works at a university as administrative support for a team of five and a departmental supervisor
  • Types 35 words per minute
  • Has basic computer skills
  • Was out of the workforce for a short time due to an injury
  • Has been retrained in administrative skills
  • Has no prior experience in the field
  • Has a complimentary letter in his file after one month on the job
  • Has made some mistakes
  • Is friendly
  • Shows a willingness and enthusiasm to learn new skills and is showing improvement


  • There are positive and negative aspects to both of these employees. In your opinion, who is the better employee? Why? Give specific reasons for your choice.
  • Let's imagine that Mary and Brian are interviewing for a position as an executive secretary at a large corporation. Who would get the job? Why?