Resolving Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict resolution is commonplace in today's business world. Learn these tips for resolving workplace conflict.

Coping with conflict

Many people are uncomfortable with any sort of conflict because they feel unequipped to handle it. In order to deal with workplace conflict, they incorporate a variety of negative coping methods, including:

  • Avoidance. The belief that if you ignore a problem, it will go away.
  • Acceptance. Sometimes it's easier to accept the problem, then gossip and complain about it later.
  • Accommodation. Trying to please everyone and fix everything rather than deal directly with the conflict.
  • Combative behavior. Exhibiting mean, abusive, and rude behavior, which is inappropriate and can turn violent.

Using such coping methods will negatively affect your work performance, distract you from your job duties, and sap your enthusiasm for work. Therefore, do everything you can to learn how to confront and resolve workplace conflict.