Time Management

Use these time management tips and time management strategies to do your job better and more efficiently.

Creating an action plan

Once you've prioritized your tasks, create an action plan for each large task. An action plan is a list of steps that must be done to complete a larger task or goal.

To create an action plan:

  1. Determine the measure of success for each task.
  2. List each step it takes to complete the task.
  3. Establish the best way to complete the task. Consider experimenting with different methods and asking for advice.
  4. Find ways to multitask, or do more than one thing at once.
  5. Assemble the people and resources you need to create your action plan.
  6. List possible rewards or incentives.

You've made a significant investment learning ways to better manage your time. Do your best to follow through with your action plan. Share your plan with your mentor or supervisor, fine-tuning the plan if necessary. Refer to it when you feel overwhelmed. And learn to say "no" to new tasks. When you're ready, refer to the list of things you wish you had more time for and begin folding those things into your routine.