Creating a Microsoft Account

Take these steps to ensure you are creating a Microsoft account so you have access to Skype, OneDrive, and more services.

Setting up your profile

Once you've set up your Microsoft account and become familiar with the toolbar, you might want to customize and add information to your personal profile.

As you learned in Lesson 1, your profile is a personal information page linked to your Microsoft account. Your profile can contain:

Filling in your profile is completely optional, and it's advisable not to add too much detailed personal information. However, filling in a little information can be useful in some situations. It's all about deciding how much you want to share.

Screenshot of Microsoft ProfileA profile with minimal information

To learn more about what personal information it's safe to include in your profile, check out our lesson on Smart Social Networking and Communication Tips.

To add a profile picture:

  1. Navigate to your profile page, then locate and select Change picture.
    Screenshot of Microsoft accountChanging a profile picture
  2. The profile picture page will appear. Click the Choose File button.
    Screenshot of Microsoft accountClicking Choose File
  3. A dialog box will appear. Locate and select the desired picture, then click Open.
    Screenshot of Microsoft accountSelecting a profile picture
  4. Your picture will appear. If you want, you can drag and resize the box to crop your image. As you crop your picture, a preview of the cropped image will appear to the left.
    Screenshot of Microsoft accountCropping the picture
  5. When you are satisfied with the cropped picture, click Save. Your profile picture will be saved.
    Screenshot of Microsoft accountSaving the profile picture