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Finding a credit union

Although credit unions are for everyone, the law places some limits on the people they may serve. A credit union's field of membership could be an employer, church, school, or community.

According to the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), there are several ways of finding a credit union you are eligible to join. You can try the following:

  1. Ask your boss. Your company may sponsor a credit union or could be a select employee group (SEG) that has access to a credit union. Many employers offer direct deposit of your payroll to your credit union.
  2. Poll your family. Does your spouse's employer sponsor a credit union? Most credit unions allow credit union members' families to join. Each credit union, however, may define this differently. At some credit unions, for example, only members of your immediate family are eligible. At others, family may include extended family members such as cousins, uncles, and aunts.
  3. Ask your neighbors. Some credit unions have a community field of membership, which serves a region that's defined by geography rather than by employment or another association.
  4. Use the Credit Union National Association's (CUNA) locator. Visit, and use the locator to find a credit union near you.
  5. Call CUNA. Call (800) 356-9655, and you'll get an electronic message listing the name and telephone number of a person at the credit union league in your state who can help you find a credit union to join.

Make sure any credit union you are considering is insured and offers the range of services you need.