Finding a Place to Rent

Get rental tips and advice so you are prepared to rent a property. Also use this free lesson to get answers to your rental help questions.

Where to look

Once you have a good idea of the type of place you want, here are some places to help you start you search:

  • Classified ads. You can find listings of apartments or houses on classified websites such as craigslist, or in local newspapers and their websites.
  • Apartment or housing guide. These listings can usually be found at the local grocery store.
  • Ask friends or family. They may know of a great house or apartment that is available or know of some people who are moving.
  • Websites. Some real estate agencies may have websites of their listings. Apartment or housing guides may also have websites.
  • Community bulletin boards. Homeowners wishing to rent a house or apartment may post a notice in a community center, student center, or local library.
  • Rental signs. Many landlords post signs in front of available rental property.