Finding a Place to Rent

Get rental tips and advice so you are prepared to rent a property. Also use this free lesson to get answers to your rental help questions.

Questions to ask a prospective landlord

Your rent will vary depending on the size of place that you rent, whether or not all utilities are included, and location, among other factors. Below are some questions to ask a prospective landlord.

  • Does the rent include all utilities, heat, and hot water?
  • Is a security deposit required? If so, how much is it?
  • Are there any plans to sell, renovate, or tear down the building?
  • Where are neighborhood conveniences such as stores, laundromats, and public transportation?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Where can you and your guests park your cars?
  • Are there storm windows and doors?
  • Who controls the thermostat for the unit? This is especially important if your landlord pays the heating bills.
  • If there is a fireplace, can you use it?
  • Where do you dispose of trash and recycling, and how often is it collected?
  • Where do you pick up your mail?
  • Will the landlord change the lock before occupancy at his or her expense? The last tenant might still have a key to the existing lock.
  • How will maintenance be handled? How do you report damages, and who will make repairs?
  • What is the policy regarding subletting? Can you add a roommate without the rent increasing?