Long Division

Learn all about dividing numbers using long division in this free lesson, which includes practice problems.

Solving long-division problems

To solve long division problems, you'll use three math skills you've already learned: division, multiplication, and subtraction. It's a good idea to make sure you feel comfortable with all three skills. If you think you might need more practice, take some time to review those lessons first.

When solving a long division problem, the number under the division bracket is split into smaller numbers. This makes division easier. Plus, you can use a familiar tool, like a times table, to help.

Let's see how solving a long division problem works.

Try this!

Solve these long division problems. Then, check your answer by typing it in the box.

63 ÷ 3 =
48 ÷ 4 =
214 ÷ 2 =