Long Division

Learn all about dividing numbers using long division in this free lesson, which includes practice problems.

Checking your work

Checking your work after you divide is a good habit to develop. Checking helps you know that your answer is correct. To check the answer to a division problem, you'll need to use multiplication.

In the slideshow, we used multiplication to check our division. The answer to the multiplication problem should always be the same as the larger number in the division problem. If your two answers don't match, check to see if you added the remainder. If your answers are still different, you might have made a mistake the first time you were dividing. Try solving the problem again.

Long division with decimals

In this lesson, you also learned how to solve division problems that have a decimal in the answer. Checking your work for this type of problem is similar to checking other division problems. You'll follow the same steps.

We'll try checking this problem: 57 / 5 = 11.4.