Multiplying 2- and 3-Digit Numbers

Learn all about multiplying two-digit numbers and multiplying three-digit numbers in this free lesson, which includes practice problems.

Using carrying

On the last page, you practiced multiplying vertically stacked numbers. Some problems need an extra step. Let's look at the following problem:


If you try to multiply 9 x 5, you might notice that there is no room to write the product, 45. When the product of two numbers is greater than 9, you'll need to use a technique called carrying. If you know how to add large numbers, you might remember using carrying in addition too. Let's see how it works in multiplication.

Try This!

Stack and solve these multiplication problems. Then, check your answer by typing it into the box.

25 x 9 =
98 x 2 =
103 x 5 =