Delete and Insert Text

Inserting text in Office 2000 and deleting text in Office 2000 are easy once you get to know how. Learn about it in this lesson.

Moving the insertion point

To move the insertion point:

  • Use your mouse to move your insertion point anywhere within the document. Move your mouse until the I-beam is where you want your insertion point to be, then click.
  • Use your arrow keys to move the insertion point up, down, left, or right. These movements will move the insertion point one space or line at a time. This method is especially useful if you only need to move a few spaces or lines back in a document to make a correction.
  • Hold the Control key (Ctrl) and press up or down arrow keys to jump up or down a paragraph at a time.
  • Press Page Down (Pg Dwn) to jump down the document one window at a time.