Dialog Boxes

If you need to learn about the dialog boxes Office 2000 has available, read this free lesson.

Dialog boxes

The key components of Office 2000 are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. We will focus on these four applications throughout the Office 2000 skill sets.

Dialog boxes are special windows that let you control how an application works or how it looks on the screen. Dialog boxes look a lot like other windows.

However, dialog boxes contain controls that are used to change the function or appearance of an application.

While exploring Office 2000's menus, you may have noticed that there is an ellipsis (…) next to some menu commands. This means if you select that command, a dialog box will appear.

Dialog boxes can contain the following types of controls:

  • Command buttons
  • Option buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Text boxes
  • Drop-down list boxes
  • Spin boxes
  • List boxes
  • Tabs
  • Sliders