Dialog Boxes

If you need to learn about the dialog boxes Office 2000 has available, read this free lesson.

Drop-down boxes, sliders, and tabs

Display control panel with tabs, sliders and drop down box.

Drop-down list boxes

Drop-down list boxes are similar to the list boxes just described. However, drop-down list boxes show only one option at a time (the option that is selected), and there is an arrow at the end of the box. To see the entire list of options, click the arrow, and the list of options appears.


A slider looks like a sliding volume control on a radio. A slider sets a value within a continuous range of values, such as from slow to fast. To move a slider, place the mouse pointer on the slider, left-click, then drag it from side to side.


Tabs look like the tabs on file folders that allow you to read what's on the label of each folder. Tabs let you switch between pages of information. When you click on a tab, a page of information appears.