Dialog Boxes

If you need to learn about the dialog boxes Office 2000 has available, read this free lesson.

What is a wizard?

A wizard is simply a short series of dialog boxes that guides you through more enhanced processes in Office 2000. With the help of a wizard, some of these processes are just a matter of a few short steps.

If you know how to operate a dialog box, then you should have no problem using wizards in Office 2000. Types of wizards in Office 2000 include:

  • AutoContent
  • Chart
  • Contact Management database
  • Database
  • Form
  • Office Assistant
  • Pack and Go
  • Report
  • Simple query
  • Table
  • Webpage

Example of the Chart Wizard in Excel

Chart wizard page 1
Chart wizard page 2
Chart wizard page 3
Chart wizard page 4
Chart wizard result.