Inserting Media Objects

When inserting media objects Office 2000 lets you do several things. Learn what they are in this free lesson.

Changing the appearance of your pictures

We already noted that using the sizing handle can distort the appearance of your clip. You can try to adjust to picture using the Picture toolbar.

To use the Picture toolbar:

  • Right-click the picture.
  • Choose Show Picture Toolbar from the shortcut menu.
Name of Button:Use it to:
Insert Picture from FileInsert another picture
Image ControlAutomatic, Grayscale, Black & White, or Watermark
More ContrastIncrease color intensity
Less ContrastDecrease color intensity
More BrightnessAdd white to lighten all colors
Less BrightnessAdd black to darken the color
CropCut the sides of an image
Line StyleCustomize the border of an image
Recolor ObjectAvailable in PowerPoint
Format PicturePicture properities
Set Transparant ColorUse eyedropper to make areas of the picture transparent (mainly for Web graphics)
Reset PictureReturn picture to original format