Office Assistant

Learn how to use the Office 2000 Office Assistant in this free lesson.

The Office Assistant

Microsoft Office 2000 can be a difficult program to master. Don't worry. Using Microsoft Office Help, you don't have to master every single feature provided in the program.

The Office Assistant is one the features in Microsoft Help. The Office Assistant looks like a cartoon paper in a small window clip. It answers questions about Microsoft Word and other Office applications.

Clippy the Office Assistant!

Neither FrontPage nor PhotoDraw provide an Office Assistant. However, they have other Help features.

Displaying and hiding the Office Assistant:

By default, the Office Assistant usually appears in the bottom-right of the screen. The Office Assistant might not appear if it has been turned off.

To display the Office Assistant:

Important pointChoose Helpaction Show the Office Assistant (F1).

To hide the Office Assistant:

Important pointChoose Helpaction Hide the Office Assistant.


Important pointRight-click the Office Assistant and choose Hide.

Office assistant with context (right click) menu.