Office Assistant

Learn how to use the Office 2000 Office Assistant in this free lesson.

Using the Office Assistant

When you click the Office Assistant, a dialog box appears.

To use the Office Assistant:

  • Click the Office Assistant.
  • Choose one of its helpful suggestions.


  • Type your question in the dialog box and click Search.

Office assistant with Question box.


  • Type your question, and choose a helpful suggestion.
  • When you click a helpful suggestion or search button, a Help window pops up on the right side of the screen, providing a list of topics related to your question.
  • Click a subtopic you hope will give you the answer you want.
  • Click the close box in the top-right corner to close the Help window.

Office assistant answers

Check this outIf the Office Assistant is in your way, you can click and drag it to a new location on the screen.