Other Help Features

Learn about the help features Office 2000 has available in this free lesson.

Another Help menu option: Office on the Web

This option provides you with the latest in Microsoft Help. News, tips, software updates, patches, and bug fixes are all available on Microsoft's Office on the Web website.

When you choose this option, Office 2000 starts your Internet browser and immediately loads the webpage. To use this option, you must have an Internet connection.

To use Office on the Web:

  • Choose HelpactionOffice on the Web.

Office update homepage.

Browse the pages until you find the information you need. Choose FileactionExit from the menu bar, or simply close your browser window to return to your work.

Microsoft Publisher and PhotoDraw don't have an Office on the Web command. Instead, they have a Microsoft Web Site command.

The Word Perfect Help feature provides assistance for people who already know how to use Word Perfect, another word processing application. If you select About Microsoft Word, you will see copyright information.