Learn about printing in Office 2000 in this free lesson.

Print Preview

The key components of Office 2000 are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. We will focus on these four applications throughout the Office 2000 skill sets.

Print Preview allows you to see how your file looks before you print, preventing a waste of paper and ink.

To access Print Preview:

Important pointChoose Fileaction Print Preview from the menu bar.

File menu with print preview selected

Or use the toolbar:

Important pointClick the Print Preview button print preview button selected on the Standard toolbar.

Once you have accessed Print Preview, your document will now be in Print Preview mode. It will look something like this:

Print preview screen

Print Preview mode displays how your file is formatted. If you would like to take a closer look, use the Zoom feature. The Zoom feature zooms closer, giving you a better view of your file.

Important: Print Preview is available in Word, Excel, and Access 2000. It is not available in PowerPoint. See our PowerPoint lessons for more details.