What is Office 2000?

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What is Microsoft Office 2000?

Microsoft Office 2000 is an application suite. The applications included in Office 2000 (such as Word and Excel) are designed to work together, making typical office tasks easier.

Everyone has different computing needs.

Important pointIn response, Microsoft offers different versions of Office 2000:

  • Office 2000 Standard
  • Office 2000 Professional
  • Office 2000 Small Business
  • Office 2000 Premium
  • Office 2000 Developer

Check this outMost home users need basic desktop productivity tools. In this case, Office 2000 Standard may be the best choice.

Office 2000 Standard includes:

  • Word (word processing software)
  • Excel (spreadsheet and analysis)
  • PowerPoint (presentation graphics)
  • Outlook (email)