Document Recovery

Learn about the features available in document recovery Office 2003 provides in this free lesson.

Recovering lost work

Sometimes a Microsoft Office 2003 program will suddenly stop responding. If this happens to you, there are procedures you should follow to try and recover any lost work.

If the program stops responding, recover the program.

To recover a program:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Choose All ProgramsMicrosoft Office ToolsMicrosoft Office Application Recovery.
  • In the Application list, click the program or file that is not responding.


  • To try to recover the file, click Recover Application or Restart Application.
  • To close the program, click End Application. (You will lose your most recent changes.)
  • If you want to report the problem to Microsoft (you must have access to the Internet), click Report problem. Otherwise, click Don't report problem.


  • Open the Office program.
  • Review the list of files in the Document Recovery task pane.

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