Insert and Delete Text

Inserting text in Office 2003 and deleting text in Office 2003 are easy once you get to know how. Learn about it in this lesson.


  • Open Word 2003.
  • Notice the insertion point at the beginning of a document.
  • Press the up and down arrow keys to move the insertion point.
  • Notice that the insertion point cannot be moved. This is because the file is currently blank.
  • Type some text into the document.
  • Skip a few lines (using the Enter key), and type some more text.
  • Practice moving the insertion point using the various methods described in this lesson.
  • Notice that the black horizontal line indicating the end of your file moves according to what you insert into the file.
  • Practice using the backspace and delete keys.
  • Close the file.
  • Do not save the file.