If you're confused by the menus Office 2003 has available, use this lesson for help.

Viewing a menu and executing a command

To open a menu and execute a command:

  • Click on a menu name.
  • The menu, complete with a list of commands, appears.
  • With the menu open, drag the mouse pointer to a command and click on it. (As you drag your mouse pointer over the commands, each command is highlighted in light blue.)

Choosing the Close command from the File menu

  • If there is a small black triangle next to a command, a cascading menu with additional options displays. Hover the mouse pointer over the command with the triangle; the cascading menu will appear. Point and click to make a selection from the cascading menu.

Choosing a command from a cascading menu

  • Once you execute a command, the menu disappears. Depending on which command you selected, either the command is completed or you will be prompted to complete the next step in the command.