Save and Save As

Learn all about saving in Office XP in this free lesson.

How to save a file

After you name your file, choose a file location. This will keep your files orderly and easy to find. My Documents is the default file location in Office XP.

To save a file in My Documents:
  • Make sure My Documents is the current file location by making sure the left column and Save in drop-down box state My Documents.
  • Click the Save button.

Word 2002's Save As dialog box

To save a file to an alternative location:
  • To save the file on your desktop, click the Desktop button on the left side of the Save As dialog box.


  • Click the down arrow to open the Save in drop-down list box.
  • Double-click to choose another location from the list.
  • Click the Save button.
To save a file in a folder within a folder:
  • Folders can exist within folders. For example, the My Documents folder contains several default folders.
  • Once you've chosen an initial file location such as My Documents, you can double-click a folder icon such as My Music to save the file in that folder.
  • Click the Save button.