Working with Office Online

If you're new to Office Online use this free lesson to become more familiar with the program, including how it works with OneDrive.

PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online is the online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use PowerPoint Online to create slideshow presentations that include text, images, and SmartArt graphics.

If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft PowerPoint, review our PowerPoint 2016 tutorial to learn how to create and format presentations.

Tool limitations

While it still lacks many of tools found in the desktop version, PowerPoint has fewer limitations than Word and Excel. You can easily insert pictures, SmartArt, animations, and transitions.

However, there are some design tools that are not available in PowerPoint Online, including Slide Master view. While it is possible to create professional presentations with PowerPoint Online, you won't have as much control over the way these presentations look as you would in the desktop version.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to become more familiar with the PowerPoint Online interface.

edit hotspots

View Tab

The View tab allows you to switch between several views for your presentation, including Slide Show view, which you'll use to play the presentation.