Common Computer Tasks

Common OS X tasks can be found in the File and Application menus, as well as through right-clicking. Learn how to use them here.

Right-clicking the mouse

Many tasks will require you to right-click with your mouse or trackpad. This usually allows you to access a menu with useful shortcuts, which will vary depending on which application you're using. In OS X, right-clicking is disabled by default, but it is easy to enable the feature.

To enable right-clicking:

  1. Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the screen, then select System Preferences.
    screenshot of OS X
  2. The System Preferences will appear. Select the Mouse category.
    screenshot of OS X
  3. Check the box next to Secondary click. Right-clicking will be enabled. If you are using a mouse without an obvious right button (such as the Magic Mouse shown below), you can right-click by clicking near the right side of the mouse.

    screenshot of OS X

Other ways to right-click

If you don't have right-clicking enabled, you can still perform a secondary click (right-click) at any time on your Mac. Just press and hold the Control key on your keyboard and click the mouse.

If you have a trackpad, you can tap it with two fingers to right-click. You can also go to System Preferencesright-arrowTrackpad to choose other right-click options for the trackpad.

screenshot of OS X