Managing Your Calendars

Understand how to use your Outlook calendar, including Outlook calendar permissions, to better manage your time.

Calendar view

Video: Managing Calendars in Outlook 2010

Launch "Managing Calendars in Outlook 2010" video!Watch the video (3:57).

Calendar view makes it easy to schedule appointments and keep track of important dates, just like a desk calendar. But unlike a physical calendar, Calendar view allows you to quickly edit and rearrange your schedule whenever you want. While most frequently used in the workplace, Calendar view can also be helpful for managing a busy personal schedule on your home computer.

The Calendar view interface

Click the buttons in the interactive below to become more familiar with Calendar view

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Appointments appear on your calendar as they are added. Simply double-click to edit appointment information, like time or location.


Upcoming meetings appear on your calendar just like appointments. Meetings will appear on everyone's calendar who has accepted the meeting request.

Meetings are distinguished from appointments by the dashed line on the left.

My Calendars

Your calendars will appear in the Navigation pane. Click the checkbox to show or hide your calendars.

Shared Calendars

Any calendars that are shared with you will appear below your personal calendars. Click the checkbox to show or hide your shared calendars.

Share Calendar Group

The commands in the Share Calendar group allow you to share your calendar with others and modify calendar permissions.

Manage Calendars Group

The commands in the Manage Calendars group allow you to open shared calendars from your contacts list and create new group calendars.

View Options

You can choose a variety of view options for your calendar, including a daily, weekly, or monthly summary of your upcoming appointments and meetings.

Go To Group

Use the commands in the Go To Group to jump to your Daily and Weekly Calendar.

New Meeting

Click New Meeting to schedule a meeting with other people.

New Appointment

Click New Appointment to create a new appointment on your calendar. You'll be able set the time, location, reminder options, and much more.

Schedule View

Schedule view allows you to view multiple schedules from shared calendars at the same time, making it easy to schedule group meetings.

Quick View Calendar

Click any date in the Quick view calendar to see it in the View pane.

Click the arrows to move between months.