Managing Your Calendars

Understand how to use your Outlook calendar, including Outlook calendar permissions, to better manage your time.

To create an appointment:

Whenever you schedule a new appointment, it's easy to add it to your calendar.

  1. Locate and select the New Appointment command on the Ribbon.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010Create an appointment
  2. The New Appointment dialog box will appear. Enter the desired information for the appointment. At the very least, you should include a subject, time, and location, but you can also include lots of other information, such as reminder preferences and detailed notes.
  3. When you're done entering the appointment information, click Save & Close.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010Entering and saving appointment information
  4. The appointment will be saved and added to your calendar.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010The appointment added to the calendar

You can also schedule a new appointment by selecting the desired time on your calendar. The New Appointment dialog box will appear with the selected time.

Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010Scheduling an appointment directly from the calendar

If you have a standing appointment—for example, a weekly staff meeting or lunch date every Wednesday—you can create a recurring appointment that will appear on your calendar automatically. Simply click the Recurrence command when scheduling an appointment, then choose how frequently the appointment should be scheduled.

Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010Creating a recurring appointment