Managing Your Calendars

Understand how to use your Outlook calendar, including Outlook calendar permissions, to better manage your time.

Using multiple calendars

If you keep a lot of different appointments, you can use multiple calendars to help organize your schedules. For example, you might use one calendar to keep track of your personal tasks and another to manage upcoming meetings with clients.

To create a new calendar:

  1. Click the Folder tab on the Ribbon, then click the New Calendar command.
    Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010Clicking the New Calendar command
  2. The Create New Folder dialog box will appear. Enter a name for the new calendar, make sure Calendar is selected, then click OK.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010Creating a new calendar
  3. The new calendar will appear in the View pane. Click the check box in the Navigation pane to toggle the calendar on and off.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Outlook 2010The newly created calendar