Calculating Percentages

Finding the percent

You just learned that 16 of your 32 cousins prefer chocolate ice cream to strawberry ice cream. You want to find out what percentage of your cousins likes chocolate ice cream. You can rewrite this example like this:

?% of 32 = 16

This time, the number we're missing is the percent. We want to know what percent is equal to 16 out of 32.

Click through the slideshow to learn how to find the percent.

Try This!

Find the percent in each of these examples.

30 out of 50 of the stores in your neighborhood sell pickles. What percentage of the stores sell pickles?

There are 200 elderly people in your neighborhood. 80 of them don't know how to send text messages. What percentage of elderly people in your neighborhood don't know how to send texts?

Your local team has won 9 out of 45 basketball games in the past year. What percentage of games did the team win?


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