Percentages in Real Life

As you learn about using percentages in real life examples are available to show you precisely how they are used in everyday settings, from sales tax to more.

Discounts, markdowns, and sales

Have you ever bought something on sale marked down by twenty percent? Or used a coupon to take 30% off? If so, you've used a discount. A discount is usually a percentage of the original price. The percentage is subtracted from the original price to determine the sale price.

Let's say a shirt costs $8, but it's been marked down by 50%. When you check out, 50% of $8 will be subtracted from the original price. How much would the shirt cost after the discount?

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Try This!

Find the final cost for each item.

You find a pair of shoes on sale for 35% off. They originally cost $90.00. What will they cost on sale?

You spend $42.00 on groceries, but you have a coupon for 10% off. What is the final price of your bill?

A bookstore is going out of business, so all books are 60% off. How much would you spend on a book that originally cost $12.95?